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Barbara Storey, Fine Art Photography

I am a photographer and digital artist, using cameras and software to create my work. Experimental, intentional, realistic, and abstract are the words I would use to describe my art, and nature and my imagination are the two most important elements of inspiration for me. I find the creation of digital art as natural and fulfilling as capturing a scene in nature in my photographs – both approaches allow me to explore the world.

In my studies at Columbia, I focused on Renaissance art, with a small minor focus on modern art, from Picasso and Braque to Umberto Boccioni to Frank Lloyd Wright. I have always been drawn to both the traditional or classic styles and the modern ways of breaking tradition, and this attraction to opposites and their possibilities is what drives my work as well.

I've known I was meant to be an artist since the first time I went to a museum in my early twenties, and realized I understood the elements of painting even though I did not yet have the education or vocabulary to talk about them. At Barnard/Columbia, I was able to acquire both those things, and what I want to accomplish as an artist is to explore and communicate through art’s most basic – and exceptional – elements: colour and light.

My complete portfolio - where all my art is available to purchase - can be found here:

Barbara Storey - Artwork Archive Portfolio

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